Elden Sunset & Milky Way

The other day Tiffany and I were on top of Mt. Elden during sunset and ended up staying for the Milky Way to come out. It was a great view of Northern Arizona and after it got dark we could see the Platypus fire to the south lighting up the night sky. Below are a few images from sunset and after. I will have some of these on display tomorrow at the Flagstaff Urban Market which is from 9-2 in Downtown Flagstaff. 

Come on by! 


Elden Lookout at sunset.  


The city of Flagstaff's light pollution washes out the night sky.  


The Platypus fire lighting up the night sky. 

Spring Astro In Sedona

Last week Chaz and myself made a visit down to Sedona, AZ in the wee hours of the morning for some sights of the Milky Way. I had a spot in mind I visited during a portrait shoot earlier in the year and after hiking a couple miles in the dark we found the tree I wanted to shoot. We passed several deer and more spiders than we could count but it ended up being worth the trek. Below are some images from the trip. 


View to the Southwest of our home galaxy. 


The tree I wanted to shoot actually ended up being one of the last shots I took.   


Along the trail.  



One of the spiders along the trail. It’s a giant crab spider and was the size of a half dollar of not bigger. They aren’t poisonous but will definitely hurt if you get bit. 

Looking forward to more shooting this season, and my workshop coming up in June at the Coconino Center for the Arts.