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I now offer classes in the Northern Arizona area. This page will be updated with current and upcoming classes. Below you will also find the option to purchase an E-Book PDF Guide on Landscape and Nature Basics and Astrophotography with a guide on processing coming soon.


Learn to capture and process a complex image like this!

Learn to capture and process a complex image like this!

Upcoming Classes

On June 3rd at the Artists Coalition of Flagstaff in the Flagstaff Mall I will be teaching a two hour (possibly slightly longer depending on turnout) class on Astrophotography and Basic Processing. It will be hands on and attendees will be encouraged to follow along with provided RAW files on their own computers. If you don't have a computer no worries, I will be demonstrating on a projector. I will talk about how to us an equatorial mount, best practices and why it is important even for widefield Astro work.

When:  June 3rd

Where: Artists Coalition in the Flagstaff Mall  

Cost: $10 per person


On March 23rd at Lowell Observatory's Lights Out Event between 6-8 pm I'll be one of the speakers on Astrophotography. We will be going over various types of night shooting and processing techniques. 

When: Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Where: Lowell Observatory 

Cost: FREE!!



One on One Classes (Daytime)

Daytime One on one classes are also available on a per hour basis of $60 per hour. Contact me using the form here and we will schedule an appointment. Depending on the topic we can meet in a location of your choosing for the best hands on experience. Either in home or on location in the Flagstaff Area. 

Topics Include:

  • Intro to DSLR Basics (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, etc)
  • Advanced Features of your DSLR including topics such as: Focus Zones, Focus Peaking, Bracketing and HDR, AF Modes, Advanced Metering, etc
  • Lightroom 101
  • Photoshop 101
  • Advanced Processing in Photoshop using Luminosity Masking 
  • Astrophotography - Planning and Capturing a night sky image.


One on One Classes (Night time)  - Flagstaff Area

Cost: $99 per person per night for one on one or small group education in the Flagstaff area.

  • Includes Transportation from the Flagstaff area to a Dark Sky Location near Flagstaff.
  • Includes use of equatorial mount
  • Includes use of tripod and ball head
  • Includes e-book on astrophotography and an intro to dark sky processing
  • Hot Chocolate!!
  • Snacks

Astrophotography Workshops (Dates Announced Soon)

All Astro Workshops include snacks, drinks (hot chocolate) and a headlamp/flashlight. 

Does not include lodging, transportation or main meals. If you need transportation contact me using the link above and we can discuss options.

Death Valley (Night) 

Location: 3 Night and 2 Day workshop in and around Death Valley, California. 

Date: Announced soon!! 

Cost: $$$


Grand Canyon (Night)

Location: 3 Night and 2 Day workshop in and around Grand Canyon, Arizona. 

Date: Announced soon!! 

Cost: $$$


Below are two different e-books i've written. One is meant to help you along with your first digital camera and get you familiar with your camera. The second guide will walk you through planning a shooting an image of the night sky (Milky Way) and assumes that you know what ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed is. You will want to have a good understanding of using them together. 


Intro To Landscape & Nature Photography

Five detailed pages (more coming soon) walking you through Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO with images to help you understand the terminology. Reading this with camera in hand you'll be shooting sunrises, wildlife and the night sky in no time!! 

This E-Book is available for a one time payment of only $3.99 + tax. You can download it in an easy to read PDF format to take on the go on via your smartphone, tablet or any other device. 

Intro to Landscape and Nature Photography

1.2 MB download as a universal PDF file. 

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Easy Astro Photography

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